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What is Straight footage?


Straight footage is just like it sounds, it will be video only without editing.

If you want footage with edits, you will need to go through this link.


So what’s the point of Straight video game footage?


If your new to YouTube and don’t have many videos, this option is a must have for you. Why? Well, think of it this way. You want to be a big dog on YouTube for gaming, you need videos. The more videos you have, the more chances of being found on YouTube. Here is an example that will blow your mind.


Example: Buy 100 videos from me, straight video game footage.


Each video gets 1 view. That’s 100 views right? Well the average video over 30 days can get over 20-40 views depending on the game and title you choose. So 100×40 is what? 4000 views on your YouTube. That’s possible chances of making revenue or getting a subscriber. You think I paid for my views? Nope that would be a negative. I have over 360 videos now and have over 470,557 views on my YouTube and I have 107 real Subscribers. (You can see for yourself here) This is from straight video game footage mixed with a little bit of edited videos and Researched videos. I started YouTube 6 years ago. This can be you easily.


Now that YouTube has released YouTube Red Revenue the longer the video and the more they watch it, the more revenue you make with Red Revenue. This its a good thing for all YouTube Partners.


Is this a waste of money?


No, I can say it’s never been a waste. You are paying for a service that will keep giving years from now. You can make more then one dollar per video from the YouTube partner system. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have a website, Adsense account and a YouTube. We provide a service that can help you with Websites, Graphics and more. Check the Services for more information. I’ve made over $10 on certain videos over 1 year of posting the video. It all depends on the video and the popularity.


Get a video just like this!




All you have to do is click on the Buy now button and it will take you to a PayPal payment screen. A secure place to do your payment. You can add the quality at the time of ordering on the PayPal screen.

0:15 Video – For only 0.99 Cents! 

1:00 Video – For only $2.00

2:00 Video – For only $4.00 

3:00 Video – For only $6.00

4:00 Video – For only $8.00

5:00 Video – For only $10.00 

7:00 Video – For only $14.00 

10:00 Video – For only $18.00


If you need more time, you will need to email me. You will have to purchase a Edited video.