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If you need help order, please email me at

IMPORTANT: Turnaround times vary depending on the Project. Please ask about the time frame, before ordering. I don’t like the disappoint anyone with my service and try to make all deadlines that are within reason.

All video game services come with 100% non-used video game videos. I record everything myself and delete all files after the video was accepted.

If you didn’t like the video you have received, we will use it and make you a new one. We want all customers happy with their videos.


If you need an intro, we can do it. It’s a one time Price for $10.00. It’s comes with a intro and ending.


We give free video game video advise. If you need some insight with the type of video game channel, website or niche you want to use for video game videos, I can help you.

You can talk to me via email, or through Skype. Please ask in email to get Skype name.



Video Game Videos Straight Gameplay – Straight Footage

You can find the product on this page!

Buy Straight Video Game Footage HERE


What is Straight footage?

Straight footage is just like it sounds, it will be video only without editing.

If you want footage with edits, you will need to go through this link.


So what’s the point of Straight video game footage?

If your new to YouTube and don’t have many videos, this option is a must have for you. Why? Well, think of it this way. You want to be a big dog on YouTube for gaming, you need videos. The more videos you have, the more chances of being found on YouTube. Here is an example that will blow your mind.

Example: Buy 100 videos from me, straight video game footage.

Each video gets 1 view. That’s 100 views right? Well the average video over 30 days can get over 20-40 views depending on the game and title you choose. So 100×40 is what? 4000 views on your YouTube. That’s possible chances of making revenue or getting a subscriber. You think I paid for my views? Nope that would be a negative. I have over 360 videos now and have over 470,557 views on my YouTube and I have 107 real Subscribers. (You can see for yourself here) This is from straight video game footage mixed with a little bit of edited videos and Researched videos. I started YouTube 6 years ago. This can be you easily.

Now that YouTube has released YouTube Red Revenue the longer the video and the more they watch it, the more revenue you make with Red Revenue. This its a good thing for all YouTube Partners.


Is this a waste of money?

No, I can say it’s never been a waste. You are paying for a service that will keep giving years from now. You can make more then one dollar per video from the YouTube partner system. The only thing you need to do is make sure you have a website, Adsense account and a YouTube. We provide a service that can help you with Websites, Graphics and more. Check the Services for more information. I’ve made over $10 on certain videos over 1 year of posting the video. It all depends on the video and the popularity.



Feeling like a boss..



Edited Video Game Footage 

You can find the product on this page!

Buy Straight Video Game Footage HERE



What is Edited Video Game footage?

Edited footage is a video that has words, logo and more in the video. These videos cost a little more due to the fact I have to sit down and go through each scene of the video frame by frame and add words or pictures to it. These videos can be a bit more harder to do and take more time. Please look over the samples to see what we mean by edited videos.


Should I order Edited footage over Straight footage?

It depends if you have a website. Most gaming channels will have a website along side the YouTube. To increase revenue with ads, affiliates and more, I suggest you have a website. I can help you with a website through our Webdesign service. It’s for gaming only!


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Video Viral Packages – Great for getting yourself more ranked and noticed on YouTube!

Purchase the Service Here

You need to know that these packages are meant for people that have already had a YouTube more then a year old.

  • 100% Adsense Safe
  • 100% Real People
  • 100% Legit.

These packages come with videos that are well researched. Example. 10 Head shots for Halo 5 – Best Call of duty black ops 3 gun that’s OP – and more.

Why should you get these packages? Simple, you will get noticed and ranked better on YouTube. YouTube ONLY!



Researched Videos Service

Samples (Coming Soon)

You can purchases the service here. (Prices Coming Soon)


Researched video service is based on more detailed gaming videos. Before you purchase this service, please email me to see your approach you want to take. We need to see if it’s going to work and if we can help increase the chances of helping it become big on YouTube.

Example of this service….

Say we take a game that’s popular and has a major database for all the game play.

Example Warframe – X box one version.

Warframe is a very difficult game to understand. Learning this game takes some time and having a data base of videos to help gamers understand the game through a visual prospective is important. Covering everything in the game will be important, so these videos are pricey, but worth it.

You make videos based on what people search the most for Warframe.

  • Warframe Blueprint drops
  • Warframe Resource Drops
  • Warframe Mod overview
  • Warframe Farm guide

The list can go on. The price for these videos will be included in a package.

You can visit the Purchase Page When it’s ready!