How to Set up your Monetization

I wanted to make this post for all my clients to let them know this is how you need to set up your Adsense and YouTube Partnership.

It’s very easy. If you don’t have a website already, I can help you get one asap. Check out our Web designer services 

Step 1: Make sure you sign up for Adsense. You will need to create a website.

Step 2: Join YouTube. Unless you already have one. Aged accounts will be approved faster.

Step 3: Join the Partnership program. To get to the Creator Studio, you need to click on your picture on the right top screen and click on the Creator Studio. In the Picture below you will have an option to click on Channel. Click on Channel and click on Monetization. You will be asked to combine your adsense with your YouTube. Depending on the age of the account of your YouTube, the approval should be instant.

Step 2


Step 4:

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Once approved, upload your first video. Once it’s uploading, you will have the option to look it over and be able to monetize it. If you didn’t do it during the upload process, you can go to video manager and click on edit video. The next page will look like the picture below. You will now see 4 tabs. Make sure you click on basic info, to add tags, title and description. Afterwards, click on Monetization. Make sure it’s already added to the video. The approval should only take up to 3-5 minutes. Once you have the video ready for ads, it’s time to upload the next video. You will be needing to make sure you do this for every video, it’s not automatic.


step 4

Step 5

Your video is ready to rock. You will now need to share the video and do the best you can to get the word out. DO Not spam your video… That’s not the good way get your video out there. Social media is the best way to go!


I will be posting more advise and idea’s of my own on the next few post. If you have questions, please ask via email or on the comment section.