Edited Video Game Footage

Edited Video Game Footage

What is Edited Video Game footage?

Edited footage is a video that has words, logo and more in the video. These videos cost a little more due to the fact I have to sit down and go through each scene of the video frame by frame and add words or pictures to it. These videos can be a bit more harder to do and take more time. Please look over the samples to see what we mean by edited videos.

Should I order Edited footage over Straight footage?

It depends if you have a website. Most gaming channels will have a website along side the YouTube. To increase revenue with ads, affiliates and more, I suggest you have a website. I can help you with a website through our Webdesign service. It’s for gaming only!

This is a edited video that we recently did. If you want one just like this order below.

0:30 Video – For only $3.00!

3:00 Video – For only $9.00

7:00 Video – For only $18.00

10:00 Video – For only $24.00